Jims Photo Info

 Important information about field sessions.

The following information includes topics which I covered on Monday night, and several which I did not cover because of lack of time. It is important that you pay attention to them.

1. Transportation.
a. Each person is responsible for their own transportation to and from the sites.
b. The most efficient method is to carpool. These should consist of two or three people. Attempting to put more than three people with large format cameras in a single vehicle does not work too well, unless it is a very large one.
2. Body essentials.
a. Water – take twice as much water as you think you will need. Drink it because the better hydrated your body, the better your brain works.
b. Food – Bring your own food, be sure to keep you cool, if necessary. This is especially important if the food contains mayonnaise or egg products. We will take time in midday to sit around and picnic together, which becomes an excellent time to discuss problems and successes, answer questions and make suggestions.
c. Sunscreen – even in late fall sun can be a problem to skin in Southern California. Be sure you use adequate sunscreen to protect yourself.
d. Clothing – be sure to wear clothing adequate for the situation in which we might be photographing. In some cases, we will be in locations where there might be a scrub brush or other growth from which legs needed to be protected. Certainly good shoes are always a requirement because we never know what kind of terrain will be involved.
3. Photo equipment
a. Tripod – regardless of the equipment you plan to use you must use a tripod. There are several reasons for this which I w ill explain in the field.
b. Viewing or composing card - I think composing card is a better name for this tool. Don’t forget to put the string on it. If you’re opening is one half the size of your film, that is 2x2 ½ inches for 4 x 5 film, you need a string on the card with a knot which is one half the distance from the card as the focal length of the lens. In other words, if you have a 210 mm lens, but not in the string needs to be 105 mm from the card. (This is the same as 8 ½ inches and 4 1/4").
c. Filters – you should obtain a least a number 12 yellow, or at number 25 red filter, which fit your lens.
i. It must be noted that these Wratten numbers. There are too many people working in photo stores today, who have no idea what these numbers are. You might be better off ordering them from freestyle. If you are unsure what size you need contact me and I’ll help you with that.
d. Film – we spoke about film on Monday night, and it is your choice.
i. For alternative processes, I recommend FP 4 +.
ii. For silver printing, either FP 4 + or HP5 +
iii. If you are in an experimental mode try some Lith film.
4. Location – to be determined.
a. I should have this information firmed up for you by the beginning of next week and will let you know as far in advance as possible.
5. Grossmont college field trip form must be signed and turned in prior to the trip. We will do this on Wednesday night September 9.